AA Stealth Disable Click Pro

AA Stealth Disable Click Pro module protects the Text and Images in your Joomla site. If you want to stop Plagiarism, it is essential to make sure the Text and Images from your Joomla site is not copied. This Plugin serves as the Content Protector for your Joomla site. It works automatically once the Plugin is activated.

Special Feature :

Text Protection features in this Plugin to disable the possible shortcut keys for copying the Text. Also this Plugin has Image Protection options to Disable the Image Dragging and Disable the Original Image to view. It also contains the option stop the link which shows the image link. Image Protection when you are using lightbox stop downloading image.

Stealth Feature :

You can choose stealth mode [no message shows to visitor] or You can disable stealth mode and show warning to user.

Features it has :

✅ Minimum Joomla Requirements is Joomla 3.2
✅ Supported for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc
✅ Works great with phones, tablets and desktop computers. So everything you choose will be disabled on every device.
✅ Multiple Text and Image Protection methods
✅ Protect your Text and Images by Disabling the Mouse Right Click and Possible Shortcut Keys
✅ Disable Image Dragging, Disable the Link which contain image
✅ Simple and Easy to use
✅ Option to Display Alert Message on Mouse Right Click
✅ Option to Prevent Page loading if JavaScript is Disabled in Browser [Coming Soon]
✅ Disable Right Click for Internal/External Links
✅ Disable Cut/Copy/Paste for website
✅ Disables Right Click for HTML5 Video/Audio [Coming Soon]
✅ Disables Image download from Light-box
✅ Works great with all browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
Compatible with all Joomla Page Builders. If not, support is available for help.
Works with any templates. If not support will help.

Supported Platform :

From Joomla 3.2 to Joomla 3.X.X and Joomla 4.X
Note : Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

How to use :

✅ Just install module and put on the debug position of your template.
✅ Then just publish it and it will start working.

Details :

✅ Simple configuration.
✅ Working fine.

Premium Tutorial For Our Client :

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