AA Stealth Disable Click Pro

AA Stealth Disable Click Pro disable –  right click on your joomla website / Image Selection or selection of text+image of website

You can either choose stealth mode [no message shows to visitor] or You can disable stealth mode and show warning to user.

Features :

1. It can disable all type of right click

2. It can disable image dragging or download

3. It can only disable selection of anything.

4. It can disable only cut/copy / paste

Supported Platform:

Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X

Note : Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

How to use :

1) Just install module and put on the debug position of your template.
2) Then just publish it and it will start working.



Details :

1. Simple configuration.
2. Working fine.

** For support contact me directly: info@aaextensions.com